Honeycomb Pot Holder ( black )

The CHARLES VIANCIN® pot holder is the essential kitchen accessory for handling hot items. Its honeycomb design provides you with an excellent grip and its silicone construction provides an astounding level of flexibility. 
Protect your hands when you are taking hot preparations out of the oven! Now you can handle your dishes in complete safety: the silicone HONEYCOMB® pot holder resists high temperatures up to 428°F / 220°C!

Inspired by the home of the industrious honeybee, CHARLES Viancin designed the silicone HONEYCOMB® pot holder with fun, functionality, and affordability in mind. 
We offer this line in a dazzling array of colors to suit the taste and style of any kitchen. Choose from pink, orange, turquoise blue, yellow, harvest gold, purple, grey, amazon green, bamboo green, black, and red.

Its silicone construction slows down the transfer of heat and allows you to seize hot dishes in complete safety; and when you’re in a pinch, you can also use to open tight jars. 
They are easy to clean too, either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Honeycomb Pot Holder ( black )

  • $7.50

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