Ceramic Salt Container
  • Black Ceramic Salt Keeper
  • Unglazed interior keeps salt dry
  • Smooth glazed exterior for easy clean
  • Can hold up to 300g of salt - salt not included
  • Stainless steel spoon included - easy magnetic storage
  • Height 130mm x Width 96mm
  • Not suitable for dishwashers

A high quality salt keeper with a glazed exterior gives a stylish, glossy finish, whilst the unglazed interior helps to absorb moisture, keeping salt dry. Ideal as a gift to add style to any kitchen or table. Our ceramic salt keeper is perfect for on-the-spot seasoning whilst cooking, to quickly grab a pinch of salt with your fingers or use the stainless steel spoon. This is the perfect tool for every day seasoning in the kitchen to a functional, stylish accessory for the table. Salt keepers are ideal in the kitchen when cooking pasta, rice or potatoes or curing meats, where a larger quantity may be needed.

Ceramic Salt Container

  • $16.00

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